Calling All Army Reserve Netballers

Army Netball Reserves Tournament to be held on Sunday 8th October 2017 at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre

1.          Introduction.  The 2017 Army Reserve Inter-Unit Netball Championships will be held at Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre (AGSC), Aldershot on 08 Oct 17.

2.          Eligibility.  Eligibility rules are as published in ‘AGAI Vol 1, Ch 5 Sport’. (DTrg(A)/PD/61/04).

3.          Entry.  Participation levels in Army Reserve Netball have continued to increase and all Reserve units are encouraged to enter a team. Unit entries are to be submitted to

4.          Entries are to be forwarded to Maj Bowes-Crick by 25 Sep17 using the entry form at Annex A.  The entry fee is £50 per team, which is payable in advance. Failure to pay in advance or on the day could result in team elimination from the competition.  Cheques are to be made payable to ‘Central Bank ASCB’ or payment by BACS to Account No 10529980 Sort Code 16-19-26 reference Reserve Netball.

5.          Programme, Draw and Match Timings.  The draw and administrative details will be confirmed and published by the Reserve Secretary ANA prior to the start of the championships.  Team Captains will be expected to report to the official’s desk at 1000 on the day of the championships and matches will commence at 1030.

 6.         Facilities and Court Equipment.  The following provisions have been agreed:

  • Changing facilities will be provided in the AGSC complex.  These will be open to players from 1000 hrs. 
  • A dedicated area in the foyer will be provided for the Team Captains’ briefing.
  • The AGSC has kindly agreed to provide chairs for time keepers as well as benches for teams.
  • There are limited refreshments on site so teams are advised to bring their own.

7.          Competition Rules.  All matches will be held in accordance with the International Netball Federation (INF) rules and regulations. Unit teams are to comprise of individuals from units in accordance with each Divisions’ instruction on Amalgamations for Sport.

8.          Travel and Subsistence.  This letter is the authority for the individuals to travel at public expense to this approved ANA competition, in accordance with JSP 660 and 2017DIN10-023. All travel arrangements are to be by the cheapest and most economical means and coordinated so as individuals travelling from the same or near unit locations travel together.   Subsistence allowance is not admissible for sport and no claims should be made for attendance at this competition.

9.          Umpires and Time-keepers.   A pool of 6 qualified umpires (grades A to C) will umpire the Championships. Unit teams must provide time-keepers throughout the championships. The ANA Reserve Secretary will organise the payment of expenses in respect of umpires and officials.

10.        Prize Giving.  The Inter-Unit trophy and prizes will be awarded to the winning teams at the conclusion of the championships. It is expected that prize giving will take place at approximately 1600.      

11.         Army Sports Trophies Competition (ASTC) 2016/17.  The ASTC will take place annually over the period of 1 Nov – 30 Sep. A covering letter (complete with Rules at Annex A) containing an in-depth explanation of format and rule changes and can be found on the ASCB DII MOSS page as well as the RC DII Moss Page.  All competitors are encouraged to ensure that their unit CoC is aware that they may qualify for points and to ensure the unit is registered on the RC Website and that the results are entered after each sports events. Points are awarded for the following categories and can be entered retrospectively at unit level by the OIC Sport in accordance with the instructions:

  • Team Success
  • Individual Representation (Corps, Army, UK Armed Forces)
  • Qualifying Coaches and Officials
  • Active Officiating
  • Hosting Regional/Bde Events
  • Unit Sports Tours
  • Internal Unit Competitions

12.        Transit Accommodation and Messing. Team captains are responsible for booking accommodation and messing in respect of their teams.  Limited transit accommodation is available in Aldershot which can be booked with the CABS booking office 01252-354305 or Fax: 01252-352169. CABS also take bookings for the Garrison Officers’ Mess and the Garrison Sgts’ Mess. 

13.        Queries.  All queries should be addressed to:

              Maj Emma Bowes-Crick


J Killoran
Maj (Retd)
Secretary ANA



A.          Army Inter-Units Netball Championship 2017 Entry Form. Word Doc  |  PDF

Complete Calling Notice   Word Doc  |  PDF

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